The second part of KLDSCP14 presented 5 designers who are so different from each other and displayed very interesting and fresh collections. Here’s more about them:

Esau Martínez

This was a collection with very strong nautical influences. It was made of casual and classic pieces that play with a color palette in white, blue, black and yellow. We also saw minimalist accessories that compliment the outfits and allowed the clothes to shine.

His collection allows us to give an elegant touch to our beach outfits and a fresh approach to our city looks, making it a very versatile and easy to wear. The makeup emphasized the eyes with a smokey-eye look, leaving the rest of the make up simple, and the hair was big and sexy.

Esau Martinez KLDCP14

Marcela Vilanova

Marcela, with her Bohemian Circus, presented a collection that was fun, fresh and above all- wearable, mixing bright colors, bold prints and different textures. The Mexican influence was reflected in the purses, belts and jewelry in the same way that the hairstyles reminded us of Frida Kahlo. One of the things that we loved most were the creative purses that, just like the clothes, combined bright colors and different textures.

Marcela showed us how prints overloaded with color, textures and design can be turned into attractive looks that are very appropriate for the season.

Marcela Vilanova

Leyla Ollirumi

Leyla’s collection was made of outfits in somber colors: gray, white, purple and black. She shows us another side of the Cruise Collections, an anti-thesis if you will. Pieces with modern cuts complimented by simple hair up-do’s and extroverted makeup.

Leyla Ollirumi KLDSCP14

Kike Escalante

Kike was the only designer that included menswear in a collection. Both the menswear and the clothes for women were pieces that are fun, simple and colorful. The womenswear played with a color palette of orange, gray and black. The creative hairstyle was accompanied by dark eyes and red lips.

Kike Escalante KLDCSP14


Lumi presented, without a doubt, our favorite collection. We loved the simple, elegant and sleek design of the pieces and the use of the color white, proving that sometimes less is more. The correct and exceptional use of the print in strategic places of the pieces made them interesting without making them too heavy. Despite the entire collection using the color white and the same print, each piece had a different and distinctive design that gave diversity and freshness to the collection.

The elegant, feminine chignons and the natural, light make up complimented the elegance of the pieces. Without a doubt, being the last collection of the night left us with a good aftertaste.


It really is an honor that our country has so much talent in an industry that is still developing and also highly competitive, but at the level of many international designers. It will no doubt be a pleasure and an honor to wear these items this season.


As for us, this is what we wore to the event


Zara top, Forever 21 skirt


Banana Republic top, skirt by Daisy Hernández, Tory Burch purse


Jumpsuit by Alejandra T. Vargas, Nine West clutch

Juan Diego, from The Good Looking Blog:

Suit by Abdías Murillo

Lavender Concept + The Good Looking Blog

Photos by: Luís Benítez and Eduardo Mendoza Photography 


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