It’s funny how tons of people say, “reading is so boring” or “I don’t like books” the truth is that in a world full of smartphones and tablets you are actually reading more than you’re aware of.

A few years ago physical books, magazines, newspapers and any other text printed on paper were basically our only reading sources. Only those that really had the habit were the ones carrying a book around, the rest carried simply nothing.

Technology has not only changed our way of communicating and interacting, but our reading habits as well. Thanks to all those articles that are being shared in social networks and news apps, we don’t have to read the entire newspaper to be informed. So let’s be honest, we are reading a whole lot more than what we thought.

As you can see, you actually read! Now that you have realized it I invite you to fill your spare time with some good articles, blogs, short stories, pocket books and why not download iBooks, the kindle app or any other reading app. Share them in your social networks, share knowledge! Reading will not only feed your brain but will also help you improve your spelling, grammar and vocabulary.

Knowing that the variety of games that are available for our devices is huge, I encourage you even more to do some reading, believe me books are a great time killer and can save you from despair while waiting for your mom at the doctor, when having your mani-pedi done, during a flight, etc.

Keep reading and don’t forget to share!

By the way I’m currently reading Divergent by Veronica Roth. If you want to know more about it click here.

– Marjie

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