Sometimes we tend to search for beauty products that will give us the best results but little do we know that sometimes the best beauty secrets lay within the contents of our refrigerators. Today we bring you a healthy, all natural, easy and most importantly accessible honey yogurt hair mask.
The great thing about this hair mask is that the yogurt will give shine and softness to your hair since it helps restore the moisture and strengthens it, while the honey adds luster and attracts moisture to the hair.
The ingredients you will need are:

– 5 tablespoons plain yogurt
– 3 tablespoons honey

Take both ingredients and mix them in a bowl. Apply generously to the hair. Make sure you apply to your scalp since that is the part where you’ll need it the most, give yourself a good scalp massage to get the circulation flowing and also to help you relax and have the complete spa experience!. Cover with a shower cap and leave on for about 20-30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and continue with your normal shower routine.
Not only will your hair end up soft and shiny but it will also smell amazing throughout the day!

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