Sushi. I love it!
And that is a weird thing for me to say since I don’t really like fish. I can eat only under two circumstances…in ceviche and in sushi. And here is where I need to clarify that in sushi, salmon is as far as I go. But the good thing about sushi is that there is a wide variety and many combinations to choose from.

A long time ago I had my favorite sushi spot; I loved it so much that I wasn’t interested in trying any other place but due to a twist of faith or bad administration, my favorite place closed down, leaving me stranded and searching for another good sushi place.

Right now in El Salvador, the number of sushi restaurants has increased significantly, and there are a lot of options, some good and some..not even worth mentioning.

One day, two of my coworkers (with whom I share the love for food) and I decided to go get some sushi for lunch, specifically Maki Sushi, which was located before in Zona Rosa, which was perfect for us since we were able to go and come back with enough time to get back to work early, and none of us had ever tried it before so we decided to go (risking repeating a past experience with another sushi place we don’t even want to remember) and let me tell you that we were pleasantly surprised! Even though the restaurant was small service was excellent, and so was every other day we visited since we became frequent clients.

Unfortunately for us, Maki decided to move to colonia Escalon, and I say unfortunately because it was almost impossible for us to go from our offices in Sta Tecla to Masferrer, eat and be back within our 1 hour lunch (1.30 hour lunch on Fridays, if no one´s watching) so sadly we had to leave out Maki as a lunch option for a while.

But to my surprise and happiness, Maki decided to do a relaunching, to which we were invited, and part of the relaunching included relocation. To Blvd. Del Hipodromo.

The place is spacious, with modern minimal decoration and oriental touches. My favorite thing is the terrace overlooking the garden.
Regarding the food, there is a wide option in the menu with their new concept of “fusion”, using different kinds of ingredients in a great way. Dishes are abundant and have accessible prices.
I loved the new logo and the idea that it’s only called “Maki Sushi” since before they included the words “to go” and I never really understood why.

My favorite dishes: The Makimono Roll, which has crab, cucumber and cream cheese inside and is covered with plantain on the outside and drizzled with Anguilla sauce. Even though the plantain part sounds weird, trust me, it’s delicious. I like to combine sweet and salty. And we cannot forget the tempura onion appetizer.

For my next visit I decided I am going to try a sweet cheesecake roll I saw during the relaunching and it looked really good!.

Definitely Maki Sushi is back on my map!

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