Hot & humid.

Those are the words that would best describe our current weather, and even though we have been getting a few rain showers here and there they usually create more humidity and warmer weather.
And as we know, heat and makeup don’t really get along.

I know, we´ve all been there when we are sweating and we feel like our makeup is just melting off our face, and when we check in a mirror we confirm that indeed, it has! .

But there is a way to prevent this! All we need to do is adjust our makeup routine for the warmer months by following these quick and easy steps:

1. Cleanse : Heat produces oil so wash your face with an oil controlling cleanser. In my case I use the Deep Action Cream Cleanser for Sensitive Skin from Clean & Clear

2. Switch your moisturizer: We still need to moisturize our face during the warmer months so switch to a lighter version such as an Oil free Moisturizing Gel, like Clean & Clear´s Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturize.

3. Prime, Prime, Prime: Primer is going be one of your key allies for your makeup routine. Primer will help control oil and will help the makeup hold on to something, so it will stay on longer. My favorite go to primer is Benefit´s That Gal brightening primer.

4. Less is more: If you don’t really need foundation, skip it! But if feel like you still need it then switch it for something lighter such as a Tinted Moisturizer or a BB Cream. I like to alternate between the two using Stila´s Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer and Maybelline´s Dream Fresh BB Cream. You can also apply it with a damp sponge to achieve a lighter coverage. I

5. Choose Cream over Powder: Switching your eye shadows from powder to cream will be your best bet since they contain silicon which will make them last longer and will prevent creasing. A good option for this are the Color Tattoos Eye Shadows from Maybelline

6. Liquid Eyeliner: Liquid eyeliner will not smudge or move around like a normal kohl eyeliner pencil would, so it won’t transfer unto your lid or eye shadow. One of my favorites is Physicians Formula Eye Definer Felt Tip Eye Marker since its easy to apply and lasts a long time.

7. Use waterproof mascara: This will definitely put an end to raccoon eyes! Also if you want your mascara to last longer, dust your eyelashes with some loose powder (with your eyes closed!) and then apply the mascara. This will help the product cling onto the lashes in a more effective way.

8. Cream Blush: Use a cream blush or a cheek stain in vibrant colors to provide your face with a nice , natural looking healthy glow that will stay on longer.

9. Stain away! : Using a lip tint or a lip stain is the way to go in this weather. Lip tints are lighter than lipsticks and will provide you with more color than a lip gloss and since they are absorbed by the skin and do not rest on top of the lips like lipstick and gloss do, they are usually very long lasting and won’t fade away. My go-to lip tint : Benefit´s Benetint.

10. Powder your T-Zone: Apply a light hand of translucent powder only to your T-zone. Make sure you use translucent since a colored powder can also crease with heat and sweat and sink into your fine lines or pores.

11. Blot! : Keep blotting papers with you. These are perfect since they soak up the excess oil without messing up your makeup. They are also better that re powdering, since the last thing you want is to have product buildup in this weather!

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