OPI launched a collection in honor of the Muppets movie Most Wanted. This isn’t the first collection that OPI releases in collaboration with the Muppets and Disney. OPI launched the first collection back in 2005. I was really excited when I heard about this collection last year. However, I expected brighter shades and colors that were a little more fun but when you think of it, OPI already did that with the last Muppets collection back in 2005, and of course, the Brazil compilation from earlier this year. This is also the Soft Shades collection of the year, so that’s why the collection was designed this way. These are the shades: muppets opi collection Muppets World Tour This is a beautiful top coat with red, magenta and silver sparkle. It can be layered on top of another color or applied on its own. If used on its own, I recommend 4 coats. Muppets World Tour OPI Miss Piggy’s Big Number This blue is a very interesting color. If you only apply one coat, it comes off as a dark bluish purple. It’s only when you apply a second and third coat that you get true blue shimmery color. I love blue polishes and this is definitely a keeper! Miss Piggys Big Number OPI collection I Love Applause I Love Applause is a light pink with a creme finish. The color is great, but I had a little trouble applying it. You can see how streaky the first coat is on the picture below. However, when applying a second or even third coat, it’s just the perfect soft pink to use for a French tip manicure. This is one of my favorites from the collection. I Love Applause OPI collecion Let’s Do Anything We Want! This color reminds me of christmas. It’s a top coat that has pink, red, silver and white sparkle. Just like Muppet’s World Tour, it can be used on its own or layered over something else. It looks BEAUTIFUL over I Love Applause. Lets Do Anything We Want OPI collection Kermit Me to Speak This color is a gold-purple duochrome. It’s actually very similar to Next Stop… Bikini Zone from the Brazil collection. This color is more gold than the one from Brazil. I would apply 3 coats to get a more intense, opaque payoff since the formula is a little sheer. Kermit Me to Speak OPI collection Gaining Mole-mentum This is my second favorite color of the collection. It’s a chunky rose and gold glitter coat. It looks best over Chillin’ Like a Villain. The white glitter is chunky enough that I will definitely wear it on it’s own. It fun, easy to apply and different from other glitter polishes out there. Gaining Mole-mentum OPI collection Int’l Crime Caper This is a sheer white with blue/pink subtle shimmer. It’s almost like a duochrome. It can work as a top coat or on its own. It’s extremely sheer, so if used on its own I recommend 3 or 4 coats.  Int'l Crime Caper OPI collection Chillin’ Like a Villain This is my favorite color of the collection. It’s a soft cream/peach nude color. It’s very opaque and less streaky than I Love Applause. Two coats are enough for me, but a third makes it even more intense. I’ve seen it over several skin tones and it looks great with any. Like I said before, it looks AMAZING with Gaining Mole-mentum on top. Chillin Like a Villain OPI collection

OPI also offers 2 boxes with 2 nail polishes each. One box is called Romancing the Frog and it has Miss Piggy’s Big Number and Muppet’s World Tour. The second box is called When Froggy Met Piggy and it has Kermit Me to Speak and Gaining Mole-mentum. Each box is $19.00 in any OPI Nail Bar in the city and it’s more affordable than getting them separately!   There is also a box of mini polishes. This is great for those who want to try all the colors and not spend too much on it. The box has: Miss Piggy’s Big Number, I Love Applause, Kermit Me to Speak and Chillin’ Like a Villain. The box retails for $16.00 and would make a great Mother’s Day Gift.


Muppets mini OPI collection


So, what do you guys think? Which shades are your favorite?

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