The Oscars took place on March 2nd, and even if I’m a little late with this (I blame midterms), here’s what we loved and what we didn’t; our favorite moments, awards, and of course- the fashion.


Favorite moment, hands down, was Ellen’s record-breaking, all-star selfie. Only Ellen Degeneres would ever be able to pull this off. It was just epic. Enough said.

Ellen oscar selfie


Second favorite moment- pizza party
It was hilarious to see all these stars being human. Brad Pitt handing out paper plates? Classic. Plus, the delivery guy actually made quite the tip.

Pizza at the Oscars


Lupita Nyong’o
Ok, people don’t call her Queen Lupita for nothing. She didn’t have 3 hours of screen time in the movie, but she. was. incredible.

Leo DiCaprio
I KNOW he didn’t win best actor, but in my heart he did. Matthew deserved his award and he was also incredible, BUT….. poor Leo. So, I’m taking creative license here and let’s assume Leo won, okay? Kay


What we were all waiting to see. This year’s fashion didn’t disappoint and awards season definitely ended with a bang!
My favorite dress, hands down, was the Prada icy blue gown Lupita Nyong’o wore to the show. The custom-made headband complimented the dress and finished the look to perfection. She even denominated the blue color as Nairobi blue. Only Lupita can do that. The dress was made for her. It had a deep V neckline from both the front and the back, and beautiful, subtle beading in the skirt. She looked like a princess.

My second favorite dress was Kate Hudson’s. It reminds me a little of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Tom Ford white dress with the cape a couple of years ago. Kate’s dress had this weird cape/shoulder thing/scarf that just…. works. Her dress is Atelier Versace. It’s a silver color that almost looks white and it has a plunging neckline and hugs her curves to perfection. The back of the dress is everything. The way the cape flows down her naked back at just the right length… just wow.

Best Dressed Oscars


Then we have Charlize Theron. Oh, Charlize. She can do no wrong. As the face of Dior, she can be expected to wear something beautiful but this year she looked regal. The dress was form-fitting, elegant and worthy of the red carpet.

I also loved Anna Kendrick’s dress. This dress just matches her personality perfectly. She’s not the type of girl to wear a princess gown with 10 layers of tulle. She’s quirky, young and loves to take risks. The dress looked amazing on her, especially from the back. And for those who like more traditional dresses, she changed into a beautifullllll Versace Couture dress for the after party. More on that below.

Best Dressed Oscars


Now, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams. They looked good, but that’s the thing. The dresses fitted them perfectly and the colors looked amazing against their pale skin but that’s it. Gorgeous dresses but too safe in my opinion. They didn’t wow me.

best dressed3

Now, for my non-favorites

Lady Gaga. That dress is too tight from the top, the scarf is weird, the makeup is a mess and the hair… I don’t know. It just didn’t work in my opinion.

Anne Hathaway. You’re not supposed to wear a disco ball on your chest for an awards show. :(

Kerry Washington and Elsa Pataky. I love these ladies, but their dresses do not suit them. They need to take advice from Ciara and Olivia Wilde.

Worst Dressed Oscars


After the show, the stars usually change outfits and attend one or two after parties. These are my favorite picks.

After Parties Oscars


After Parties Oscars


So, what did you think? What were your favorite moments? Outfits?

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