If you are one of those who picture bathtubs full of milk and honey, rose petals or exotic salts from the mediterranean when thinking how to get a silk and smooth skin you are definitely living in another century.

In addition to your face, it’s also important to give attention to the rest of your body skin. Other body parts like arms and legs are also exposed to sun, pollution, wind, etc. and need to be protected, or else you might end up with sun spots, freckles, dry & itchy skin and so on.

Having a healthy skin that’s silk and smooth it’s easier and faster than what you thought, just follow these three easy steps:



It all starts at shower time; I exfoliate my body twice a week. This helps you get rid of all dead cells and will help your skin absorb the rest of the products properly.


2. Body wash

I know many prefer to use normal soap, but my skin just feels too tight when I don’t use body wash. It all depends on what suits your skin better. Try to use one that gives your skin as much hydration as possible.


3. Body Conditioner

This is the step where real hydration takes place. During the shower I usually use one of two products after the body wash, a skin conditioner or a skin smoothie. I was hesitant to mention this, because both these products are from LUSH, which unfortunately can’t be purchased locally (but we’ll talk about wish lists in future posts). Once I’m out of the shower I use either body butters/thick consistency body creams or body oils/gels. Some products I recommend are: The Body Shop body butters, Vaseline gel oils and Josie Maran Argan oil.


Knowing it might be difficult to purchase some of the products mentioned above, I recommend some you can buy locally. Bath&Body Works and Victoria’s Secret body creams, baby oils and Fabulous Oil for hair and body from Alpha Parf.


It’s easy, simple and you do these in no time. I recommend you follow these steps at least twice a week and you will soon start noticing a huge difference in your skin. You’ll love it!

– Marjie

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