Two OPI collections have been launched this year so far. The first I’ll be talking about is the Gwen Stefani Collection.

Gwen Stefani is a music icon worldwide and has always been known for having a unique style with punk influences and vivid colors. Her personality is fun, eccentric and she makes no excuses. All these parts of her personality have been transmitted to the collection.

The inspiration for this collection began at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) after the annual fashion gala that takes place every May. The theme of 2013 was Punk Chaos, and that’s how the collection was born. The design process was extensive, free and creative. This process consisted in not only creating 7 new colors, but also unique finishes that OPI had not done before. There was also a lot of work put into the caps and even the Swarovski elements that can be used to create any nail art you want.

The collection consists of 7 colors and 4 different finishes.

– Hey Baby: a bold pink, but without being fuchsia or fluorescent, and the finish is crème. I admit that it looks a little intimidating in magazines and ads, but it’s much more wearable than I thought. Love it!

Love.Angel.Music.Baby.:  My favorite of the entire collection. It’s a gold color with a satin finish but with texture. The finish resembles liquid sand but this one is different because the glitter gives it texture while still keeping it satin. It looks good with one coat, but looks spectacular with two. It’s fun to use at night but since it’s not shiny or glossy, it’s discreet enough to use during the day. The perfect combination.


4 In the Morning: a dark gray with a satin finish that might seem dull, but has a little more life to it since it’s not completely matte. By applying 2 coats, it looks almost black and is perfect when you want a dark color but don’t like a dramatic black.


I Sing in Color: This is a dark vampy red that almost looks black. It reminds me of Lincoln Park After Dark, only that I Sing in Color is a dark red, not a dark purple. In light, it would look black if not for the edges that make the red stand out. It’s perfect when you want to wear a black or dark color but not as drastic, just like 4 in the Morning. The finish is crème and leaves no streaks. Very opaque and easy to apply.

In True Stefani Fashion: I’m not a big fan of glitter or sparkle, so this was the only color that I didn’t buy from the collection. It looks beautiful over I Sing in Color to give it a little more life and something extra, or simply as an accent or highlight color in some nails. One layer over a base color is enough. When used alone, 2 coats are needed.


Push and Shove: This is the most interesting color and finish of the collection. It is a silver chrome finish that is meant to last only one night (or day). The name makes reference to exclusive events; therefore the polish is made ​​for such occasions and is of short duration. The nail polish comes with a special base that needs to be applied prior to the color to prolong its duration and so that the chrome is smooth and without streaks. Very unique and something I had never seen before in a nail polish.


Over & Over A-Gwen: Gwen Stefani signature, classy red. This red is very creamy, opaque and easy to apply. Even if it isn’t streaky when applying only one layer, the second coat makes it stand out even more. This polish comes with additional Swarovski crystals in black and silver, but also other details in gold and pewter. Although it’s a little more expensive than the others, it’s worth it for all that you can do with these extra elements.

I invite you to visit you’re nearest OPI nail bar and try these colors and decide which one is your favorite. I couldn’t resist and bought 6 of the 7 colors!

Next week I’ll be talking about the Brazil collection, so stay tuned for that! It’s PERFECT for summer.



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