A second OPI collection was released early this year. The much anticipated Brazil collection is finally here, and it. is. gorgeous!

This collection really does scream Brazil. I can’t help but think of the rainforest, the beach, the sun, exotic things and of course, it’s famous carnival.

This spring collection consists of 12 new shades, most of them in a crème gloss finish, except for a duo chrome. If you’re a gel polish kinda girl, the 12 colors are ALSO available in GelColor. And if you love liquid sand, 4 shades are also available in this finish. There’s something for everyone.


The collection can be divided into two- the ‘brights’ and the ‘taupes’. On sight, I wasn’t really attracted to the taupe colors because they might look dull next to all those brights, but I ended up purchasing 2 of taupes because they look great with most skin tones and are super versatile for any time of the year.


Here’s the breakdown. We’ll start with the taupes and work our way to the brights.

-Next Stop… The Bikini Zone

This is a duo chrome color- pewter and purple mixed with purple and gold glitter. Looks great under sunlight and better with 3 coats than two. I only photographed it with two coats, but with the third one, the dimension of the gold glitter against the purple is amazing.


Next Stop... Bikini Zone

Next Stop… Bikini Zone

-Don’ Bossa Nova Me Around

This is my favorite taupe/nude from the collection. Crème finish, opaque, and non-streaky. It’s one of those colors that you don’t have to worry about clashing with your outfit- it goes with anything.


Don' Bossa Nova Me Around

Don’ Bossa Nova Me Around

-Taupe-less Beach

This is another taupe, but a little deeper than Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around. This one is opaque enough to use in only one coat.


Taupe-less Beach

Taupe-less Beach

-I Sao Paulo Over There

Another taupe, but this one leans more to the gray side than the previous ones. It’s much deeper in color, so it looks sophisticated and will also not clash with an outfit.

I Sao Paulo Over There

I Sao Paulo Over There


-OPI Scores A Goal!

We’re all waiting for the World Cup this summer, and OPI is no exception. This is a “dirty’ burgundy. More brown than red. Absolutely stunning against pale skin tones. One of my favorite colors!


Opi Scores A Goal!

Opi Scores A Goal!

-AmazON… AmazOFF

This bright teal is slightly shimmery. Brighter than Ski Teal You Drop, therefore perfect for summer. It reminds me of rain, for some reason.


AmazON... AmazOFF

AmazON… AmazOFF

-I just Can’t Cope-acabana

Brighter than Banana Bandanna. It’s like sunshine in a bottle. Wasn’t a fan of the color in the bottle but looks so much better on. I always find that yellow nail polishes are almost always streaky and take about 3 coats to look decent. Not the case with this one.


I Just Cant Cope-acabana

I Just Cant Cope-acabana

-Where Did Suzi’s Man-go?

A mid-tone mango orange in a crème finish. Not too red, not too yellow. It has a subtle shimmer that is almost unnoticeable.


Where Did Suzi's Man-go?

Where Did Suzi’s Man-go?

-Toucan Do It If You Try

This is my favorite from the collection. Give me anything in coral and I’m game- lips, blush, nail polish. I love this color. It looks stunning against medium skin tones.


Toucan Do It If You Try

Toucan Do It If You Try

-Kiss Me I’m Brazilian

Bright Pink. This screams summer and beach to me, just like I Just Can’t Cope-acabana. I usually wear nude colors on my toes so that I can wear any color in my hands, but this one looks AMAZING on toes. It’s fun and girly but not neon.


Kiss Me I'm Brazilian

Kiss Me I’m Brazilian


As the name suggests, this color screams Rio de Janeiro Carnival. It’s a bright coral, more on the orange side in comparison to Toucan Do It If You Try.


-Red Hot Rio

Ok, I love red nail polish. I have more reds than I should. In the bottle, it doesn’t look that special but the formula is so unique. It’s like a gel-like formula, not very opaque. Even when using two coats, you can still see the nail line, but that doesn’t really bother me at all. It applies so smoothly and the color is stunning. Very similar to Thrill of Brazil, but less opaque and less bright.

Red Hot Rio

Red Hot Rio

And that’s it, ladies! Twelve stunning colors to choose from. I wish they had included a turquoise, to remind us of those gorgeous white sand beaches, or a bright sky blue. However, the collection is incredible and available for purchase at any OPI Nail Bar in the city. Make sure to stop by, it’s worth it!




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