As much as I love fruits I just can’t make myself eat them daily! Most of our parents have insisted how good they are for our health overall since childhood. And they are right- fruits are a great source of multiple vitamins and many of them can help you overcome some health problems.
The truth is there are no valid excuses for not eating them. Unless you have to watch your sugar level, and if you are one of those that says “I don’t like fruits”, let me show you my yummy way to eat them once a week.

We will need:
1 Banana
1 Pear
3-4 Strawberries
1 Natural yogurt
3 Graham crackers

Easy- peel and cut the banana, dice the pear (no seeds) and strawberries. Put everything into the blender and add the crackers and yogurt. Blend them all together and you will end up with a super tasty and healthy purée, not shake!
Note that you can combine as many fruits as you like. The more fruits you add, the more purée you’ll end up with, and try to keep in mind that it’s a weekly dose of ‘only one’ serving. But if you get excited adding up fruits, you can just store the leftover purée in the fridge and eat it later as a healthy snack or dessert. Feel free to replace the yogurt for whole or skim milk and the cookies for granola; as long as you keep it looking like a yummy fruit purée we are good!
So start mixing your favorite o seasonal fruits and enjoy!


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