Just a little sweet treat to keep you cool and to cover your caffeine fix!

¼ cup of brewed coffee
1 ½ cups of ice
½ cup of chocolate milk (your choice: regular, soy, almond, etc)
3 tbsp of chocolate chips
1/8 tsp mint extract
Whipped Cream

This is a super easy, super quick beverage to make.
First put the ice, coffee, milk into a blender. I used my Hamilton Beach Single Serving blender, I seriously, seriously love this thing since it’s easy to use and even though it’s small it does a great job!

Once you´ve blended the ice, coffee and milk, add the mint extract.
Make sure you don’t add more than a 1/8 tsp since mint extract can be very powerful and we are just looking for a minty background flavor. You can find mint extract in any cooking/baking specialty stores.

And last but not least add the chocolate chips! I like to add them last and just pulse the blender once or twice to get little chunks of chocolate.

Finally serve it in your favorite glass, top with whipped cream and add a few chocolate chips to decorate.


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