My hair care routine


Before anything else I have to say for the record that my hair has never been the type of hair to be featured in a shampoo commercial, it has been anything but silky and smooth in its life. What I must admit is that I finally made it shiny and manageable with the perfect combination of products.

 My hair is thick and I have a lot of it, for most part of my life it was wavy but now due to the constant use of irons those waves disappeared and is now practically straight.

 Let’s start by the shampoo. I use two different types of shampoo which I alternate.

 The first one I absolutely love:

 L’Oreal Kerastase: I specifically use the Bain Oleó – Relax (orange bottle); this makes hair manageable and provides softness to dry hair. This is for me the best shampoo that I’ve used! You can find it in most beauty salons in El Salvador and is around $30 to $35…yes I know! It’s not cheap! But trust me it’s worth it..and that is one of the reasons I alternate shampoos.

 The second shampoo I use is Herbal Essences Paralisalos. It is a great shampoo; it’s affordable and easy to find in grocery stores, smells delicious and has reduced the frizz a lot since it relaxes it.  I also use the conditioner from this line.

 Twice a week I change the conditioner for a deep nourishing hair mask.

 My favorite is L’Oreal’s EverCreme Deep Nourishing Masque. I bought this one in the United States, because sadly this product is not available in my country, but if you are able to purchase it, DO! I felt a huge difference the very first time I used it, leaves the hair soft and shiny. It costs around $9, it’s a pretty big tub and you can find it in Target, Walmart, etc.

 After the shower I blow dry my hair, every time. For this I use 3 products in the following order:

1)       Kerastase Nectar Thermique, which is a treatment that protects hair against styling tools, provides moisture, nourishes, softens and helps in the process of straightening hair. This product also costs around $30 to $35 and you can find it in beauty salons…but trust me a little goes a long way and it’s going to last you a long time.

2)       The next product was a compulsive purchase, which later I regretted but now I know I did the right thing! It’s the: Avon Advanced Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil. I ordered it through the catalog and I really like it! It is a very thick oil which is why you need to use the smallest amount possible. I put a little drop in the palm of my hand and I apply to only the ends of my hair. I think I bought at $9.00 but I doubt that it costs more than $15. 

3)       And finally the last product is my favorite. It’s the Hydrating Coconut Oil from Organix, which gives it shine and a leaves it smelling great! This product is also in between $5 and $6.

I know that it sound like a lot of work , but trust me your hair will be appreciate  a little time and love!





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