Taking care of yourself and giving love to your skin or body may seem impossible for some people. Many constantly think they have to invest long hours at a spa or salon, buy tons of products or they simply have no idea how to do it by themselves. I personally believe it’s not a matter of time, money or lack of ability, but a matter of creativity and doing a little research.

I want to share with you three easy ways to pamper yourself while you’re on the computer, watching tv or reading a book/magazine.


 The facemask at the computer

Either you like to prepare it yourself (oatmeal/honey, avocado, milk/honey, cucumber/apple, etc) or use one you have purchased, being on the computer is the perfect moment for applying one and pamper your skin a little! Most of the time you’ll just have to leave it on your skin for ten minutes and then rinse it off! You’ll give your eyes that 3-minute rest they were longing for.


The hair mask while you were sleeping

Just like your skin, your hair also needs some love. Nowadays we can also find ten-minute masks for the shower but we also have the ones you can apply before going to bed and rinse off the next morning. So if you prefer the ten-minute ones, you can apply them ten minutes before your tv show is over then take a relaxing shower before going to bed. For the overnight masks you can apply them even earlier and when you’re done working on your computer or reading a book, just close them and sweet dreams!


My poor feet! What a day! 

The best reward for your feet after a long and hectic day -besides a massage- is relaxing warm water! If you’re lucky enough to have one of those salon appliances that vibrate/massage while keeping you water warm, it would definitely be a plus! Believe me, fifteen minutes of warm water will bring your feet back to life! It might sound crazy but I like adding some mint leaves to the water.

I hope you find these ideas useful but above all I hope they keep you beautiful and relaxed!


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