Every now and then we all have one of those days when we leave our best smile at home. Typically it’s a day that starts like this:  You wake up a few minutes late, the dress you love is full of wrinkles, your phone is running out of battery (and you can’t find the charger) and your boss just sent a message telling you he needs you in the office ASAP; or being less dramatic you simply didn’t wake up with sun shinning through your window!

When days like these knock on my door, I like going to my “smile left at home” emergency kit. The best thing is that you can keep it in your purse! So let’s take a look at it…

1) Albums …

Considering I have an issue with organizing things, the pics on my phone are organized as well. I have an album called “smile” … In it I have placed pictures of good moments, things I love doing, friends and family, my dog, places I love and every other memory that makes me smile just by taking a quick look at it. The point is to remember that we have so many good things to be thankful for!

2) Quotes …

Within the notes I keep in my phone there is one called “make me happy quotes”. There’s something about the right words in the right moment that works wonders for your mood! In this note are all kinds of quotes, long or short the truth is that they are an instant shift in the quality of your thoughts.

3) A little bite…

I like to keep bite size goodies in my purse. I always carry either my favorite chocolates or candies. But making a quick stop at a drive-thru for a hot or cold coffee will also do! Besides, you’re already late and you can always pick an extra one for your boss and score some points!


I know these three tips might seem small but as you may have heard “small details are the ones that really count!” … And always remember that it’s only a bad day not a bad life!

Smile :)




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