A couple of years ago, the “primers” made their way to our make up routines and nowadays they’re just a step we can’t skip.
There are some facts we must take into consideration when deciding which to buy. We must consider things like: skin type, needs, benefits of the product, how many products you prefer using in your routine and even the time you invest in applying your make up.
Considering my skin type (combination) I’ve tried a lot! Some really good ones and some that have done absolutely nothing, so that’s why I insist in your needs and the results you are looking for. You may find some that will help you with wrinkles, others will keep your skin shine-free, also the ones that will even out your skin tone and many more.
Despite the fact that I have combination skin I look for a primer that will give my face a healthy luminous glow, which is not easy! Why? Because there’s a thin line between “healthy glow” and “shiny-greasy look”. To achieve that effect is not the primer’s job alone. We have to help it by cleaning and hydrating our skin correctly and from there, we can start layering the rest of the products such as the primer, foundation, powder, etc.
So, the one that gives me this luminous effect is Le Blanc from Chanel … Yes, I know it isn’t in the low price range but the relation quantity-quality-effect-price is reallyyyyy good!
Besides giving you that luminous effect, its ingredients will help take care of your skin and your foundation will last longer without you doing any touch-ups. And I need to say it smells amazingly good!
I like applying it with my fingers, like ten minutes after cleaning and hydrating my skin. It blends easily into your skin and because I’m the type of girl who likes to give the products some time to set, I move to my eyes and then go back to my face to apply foundation, concealer, powder, blush and I’m ready!
If you haven’t included a primer in you daily routine, I invite you to do so. Once you’re certain of your needs, you can always go to the beauty counters and get a sample or at least try it and get some info!

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